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BA Psychology

BA Psychology Courses

Lower Division Requirements (9 units)
Completion of following three lower division courses with grades of C or better:

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 202 Statistics
PSY 213 Developmental

BA Psychology Prerequisites (PDF, 46.6 KB)

Required Core Courses (28 units)

PSY 300 Psychological Research and Statistical Methods with Lab I, 4 units
PSY 301 Psychological Research and Statistical Methods with Lab II, 4 units
(PSY 300 and PSY 301 are taken sequentially; otherwise no sequential pattern)
PSY 310 History and Systems of Psychology, 3 units
PSY 312 Social Psychology, 3 units
PSY 313 Clinical and Abnormal Psychology, 3 units
PSY 314 Behavioral Neuroscience, 4 units
PSY 317 Theories of Personality, 3 units
PSY 318 Learning, Cognition, and Perception

Upper Division Psychology Electives (13 units)
(Courses offered for the Santa Barbara undergraduate degree completion program will be selected by Psychology faculty)

PSY 303 Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences (POLS/SOC), 3 units
PSY 305 Field Research Methods, 3 units
PSY 315 Child Psychopathology, 3 units
PSY 327 Parenting, 3 units
PSY 333 Measurement and Testing of Groups and Individuals, 3 units
PSY 337 Psychological Ethics and Moral Philosophy, 3 units
PSY 338 Psychology of Art and Artists (ART), 3 units
PSY 339 Psychopathology and Literature (ENGL), 3 units
PSY 340 History and Psychology of Nazi Germany (HIST), 3 units
PSY 342 Complementary and Alternative Health (NURS), 3 units
PSY 344 Psychology and Traditional Asian Thought, 3 units
PSY 345 Individuals with Disabilities and Society, 3 units
PSY 346 Psychology of Motivation, 3 units
PSY 348 Healthy Aging (NRS/SOC), 3 units
PSY 357 Psychology of Families, 3 units
PSY 370 Fundamentals in Counseling Theory, 3 units
PSY 383 Chicana/o/Latina/o Identity and Empowerment (CHS), 3 units
PSY 400 Case Studies in Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology, 3 units
PSY 410 Psychological Testing, 3 units
PSY 415 Assessment of Children, 3 units
PSY 420 African American Families, 3 units
PSY 424 Organizational Behavior (MGT), 3 units
PSY 429 Intergroup Relations, 3 units
PSY 432 Seminar in Leadership, 3 units
PSY 436 Psychology and History of Asian Warrior Cultures (HIST), 3 units
PSY 445 Adolescent Development, 3 units
PSY 449 Human-Computer Interaction (COMP), 3 units
PSY 450 Advances in Neural Science, 3 units
PSY 457 Criminal Behavior, 3 units
PSY 460 Addiction Studies, 3 units
PSY 461 Advanced Topics in Child and Adolescent Development, 3 units
PSY 470 Seminar in Freud and Object Relations Theory, 3 units
PSY 471 Seminar in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology, 3 units
PSY 473 Bizarre Behavior and Culture-Bound Syndromes, 3 units
PSY 482 Intermediate Statistics, 3 units
PSY 490 Advanced Topics in Psychology, 3 units
PSY 492 Internship or Service Learning, (1-3 units)
PSY 494 Independent Research in Psychology, (1-3 units)
PSY 497 Directed Study in Psychology, (1-3 units)
PSY 499 Senior Capstone in Psychology, (1-3 units)

BA Psychology Course Descriptions (PDF 49.7 KB)

Upper Division General Education (9 units)

As a condition of graduation, all students must take a minimum of 9 units of upper division interdisciplinary General Education courses through CSU Channel Islands.  Courses to be offered for the Santa Barbara program are pre-selected by Psychology faculty in consultation with CI advisors.

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