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We are closed to new applications for Junior Transfer students. Students should apply for the term that directly follows graduation. Please register for an information session or email the program representative to learn more.


Designed for high achievers preparing to enter the business world or those who’ve recently begun their careers, the program allows students to earn a BS in Business degree and an MBA in under 4 years. This unique opportunity affords students with excellent academic and career potential transfer at the junior level to CSU Channel Islands with Bachelor degree at Santa Barbara City College and MBA classes at our Goleta campus OR graduate segment of BS/Business-to-MBA applications to the Santa Barbara MBA via Route 1 for Recent CI BS Business graduates. Admission criteria balance candidates’ overall credentials including academic performance; internship, volunteer, and work experience; leadership potential; and extracurricular activities.

Consistent with CI’s mission, the BS/Business-to-MBA program emphasizes graduating business leaders with global and multicultural perspectives. Both the undergraduate and graduate segments of the BS/Business-to-MBA program have a liberal arts and interdisciplinary focus. Undergraduate students learn the principles of accounting, economics, finance, information systems, management, and marketing as applied in a variety of organizational settings. For the MBA segment of the program, BS/Business-to-MBA students attend all classes with students in the MBA working professional program focusing on business principles, international business, and entrepreneurial innovation. The MBA segment of the program includes a short-term study-abroad option.

BS Business-to-MBA is available as a second baccalaureate degree. A second baccalaureate applicant is a college graduate who wishes to obtain a second bachelor's degree in a major different from that of the first degree.

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