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Certificate in Business Administration

Certificate in Business Administration

Applications accepted four weeks before the start of each term.

The Certificate Program in Business Administration at California State University Channel Islands (CI) provides the basic business skills and knowledge to individuals who possess a college degree in a field other than Business. Participants obtain a broad understanding of Accounting, Economics, Ethics, Finance, Law, Management, Marketing, and Quantitative Methods.

The program lays the necessary business foundation for career advancement and success. For those interested in pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration, the coursework completed under this certificate satisfies the course prerequisites for the MBA program offered by the Business & Economics Program at CI.

The Certificate Program in Business Administration is designed for the busy professional.  Courses are delivered via distance learning, using a blended format that includes an initial face-to-face meeting and on-line sessions.

Who Should Attend?

This certificate program is suitable for:

• Business professionals who wish to update their knowledge, skills, and abilities
• Managers in science, technology, or engineering who seek a business background 
• Individuals making a transition into a managerial position
• Individuals returning to the workforce or considering a career change
• Those without an undergraduate degree in business who are considering the MBA

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Certificate Program, participants will be able to:

• Explain, apply, measure, and evaluate the principles of economics for managerial
• Employ quantitative methods to analyze and present data for business decision-making
• Describe and analyze financial statements, time value of money, capital structure, and
  fundamental investment analysis
• Describe (orally and in writing) the issues of business cases; identify key alternatives to
  business actions based on management and marketing theories; and justify
  recommended actions
• Describe and analyze alternative ethical and legal frameworks and their implications for


A baccalaureate degree in any discipline.

Program Description:

This certificate consists of four three-unit courses and one four-unit course for a total of 16 units, as follows: 

BUS 500 Economics for Managers (3)

A course in economics for MBA students covering material from both microeconomics and macroeconomics. Topics include market structure, demand analysis, consumer behavior, nature of the firm, measuring economic activity, inflation, unemployment, money and banking, and the role of the government.

BUS 502 Quantitative Methods for Decision-Making (3)

Overview of core quantitative skills for effective managerial decision-making. Topics include statistical principles, regression analysis, forecasting, multi-attribute decision-making, benefit-cost analysis, and spreadsheet modeling of businesses cases.

BUS 504 Introduction to Accounting and Finance (4)

Presents an overview of the role of accounting and finance in business. The first part of the course focuses on accounting as the language of business. Topics include basic assumptions and principles of accounting, the content and purpose of financial statements, and uses and limitations of the financial statements. The second part of the course focuses on the role of finance in supporting the functional areas of a business. Topics include time value of money, risk, and capital structure.

BUS 506 Principles of Management and Marketing (3)

Presents an overview of the disciplines of management and marketing. Explains the basic elements of good management practices. Describes the key aspects of effective marketing. Combines management and marketing disciplines through cases, role-play simulations, and computer based simulations that are used to model managers’ planning and decision-making processes.

BUS 508 Business Ethics and Law (3)

An overview of the ethical environment for business operations, with a special emphasis on the legal environment. Explores decision-making frameworks for managers in addressing ethical and legal issues that confront modern business organizations.

Certificate Requirements:

To earn the Certificate in Business Administration, students are required to complete five courses with a 3.0 grade point average or higher and no grade lower than a C in any one course. A maximum of one course (20% of certificate) can be transferred in from a regionally accredited higher education institution, with a minimum grade of “C”.

Admissions & Current Students:

Admission to the University is not required for this certificate program.  To apply for the Certificate in Business Administration, download and fill out the Certificate Application Form  (PDF, 125.8 KB) and submit transcripts and current résumé to Extended University at the address below.

Please submit application documents to: Emma Battles, Admission Specialist.



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