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Performing Arts: Certificate in Guitar

Program Description:

The Certificate in Guitar at California State University Channel Islands is designed to prepare individuals for a career as a professional guitarist working in a diverse range of musical styles. Courses specifically focus on sight-reading music, technique, music theory, fret-board knowledge, ear-training, music history, repertoire and proficiency in many musical genres including jazz, classical, blues, rock, funk and other popular musical styles. The certificate will culminate with a recital/lecture or a CD recording project in their senior year.

Lower Division Required Courses for the Certificate in Guitar (13 units)

PAMU 109 - Private Lessons Units: 1 Repeatable - Required three times
PAMU 161 - Music Fundamentals Units: 3
PAMU 205 - Musical Improvisation Units: 2
PAMU 207 - Guitar Ensemble Units: 1 Repeatable - Required two times
PAMU 261 - Music Theory I Units: 3

Upper Division Required Courses for the Certificate in Guitar (9 units)

Upper Division Required Courses - 6 units
PAMU 309 - Private Lessons Units: 1
PAMU 385 - Audio Design and Recording (Cross-listed as ART 385) Units: 3

Upper Division Electives - 3 units
PAMU 330 - Jazz in America Units: 3
PAMU 332 - World Music Units: 3
PAMU 337 - Music in History (Cross-listed as HIST 337) Units: 3
PAMU 361 - Music Theory II Units: 3
PAMU 435 - The Music Museum (Cross-listed as BUS 435, ECON 435, EDUC 435) Units: 3


The fees per unit are the following:

Lecture unit: $270*

Lab fees: as assigned

Full payment is required at the time of registration

*Extended University makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. Fees listed in published schedules may be increased periodically.



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