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PHR/SPHR Certification Prep Course

About the SHRM Learning System®


The course is specifically designed for:

SHRM Learning System® educational products are developed according to the highest quality standards. HR professionals and subject matter experts review all course materials to ensure accurate, real-life applications. In addition, SHRM Learning System® programs are “living documents” – improvements and revisions are included in each reprint to incorporate the latest changes in HR practices and legislation. The official SHRM Learning System® is developed in partnership with the Holmes Corporation, one of the nation’s leading instructional design firms. Thousands of HR professionals have purchased the SHRM Learning System® to expand the HR professional’s knowledge, skills, and abilities to deal with crucial issues facing the profession. This dedication to excellence allows you to be rest assured that when you select this course, it will meet the development needs of your staff as well as the constraints of your schedule and your budget.

Tuition pricing includes the cost of the SHRM Learning System® which includes: six printed modules, an SPHR preparation book, learning software, an online interactive case study, access to the online resource center, mobile on-the-go access, and the HR Certification Institute certification examination information. Lectures and practice tests are given throughout the course.

Topics Covered in the SHRM Learning System®

Module One: Business Management and Strategy - this module includes the role of human resources in organizations, the strategic planning process, assessing the internal environment, scanning the external environment, evaluating HR's strategic contributions, ethical issues affecting organizations, and Human Resources and the legislative and regulatory environment.


Module Two: Workforce Planning and Employment - this module covers key legislation affecting employee rights, privacy and consumer protection, Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action, gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace, organizational staffing requirements, job analysis and documentation, recruitment, flexible staffing, selection and retention, organizational exit, and employee records management.


Module Three: Human Resource Development - this module examines key legislation in human resource development and the organization, organizational development initiatives, adult learning and motivation, assessment of HRD Needs, training and development, evaluating effectiveness, talent management, developing leaders, and performance management. 


Module Four: Compensation and Benefits - this module includes key compensation legislation, total rewards and the strategic focus of the organization, compensation structure, compensation systems, introduction to benefit programs and key benefits legislation, government-mandated benefits, deferred compensation plans, health-care benefits, other non-statutory benefits, compensation and benefit programs for international employees, and evaluating the total rewards system and communicating it to employees.


Module Five: Employee and Labor Relations - this module covers laws affecting employee and labor relations, employee relations and organizational culture, employee involvement strategies, measuring employee attitudes, policies, procedures, and work rules, discipline and complaint resolution, labor relations legislation and union organizing, unfair labor practices, collective bargaining, and strikes and secondary boycotts.


Module Six: Risk Management - this module examines organizational risk, key legislation, safety, health, security, and privacy.

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