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Open University

Open University

Open University provides an opportunity for non-CI students to enroll in undergraduate credit courses on a "space available" basis, subject to the approval of the instructor. Up to 24 units of credit taken through Open University may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at CI. Through Open University you can:

Begin Working Towards a Degree: Open University provides a point of entry for those who’ve missed the deadline for admission or want to improve their grade point average before applying.

Sample a Field or Possible Career: If a career change is in your future, Open University will allow you to explore a new field before enrolling in a degree program.

Professional and Personal Enrichment: If you need to update your professional skills or simply engage in personal growth, courses available through Open University will allow you to do both.

Check the CSU Channel Islands Schedule of Classes for class meeting times and location. The registration process is easy. Admission to the University is not required.


We cannot guarantee a space nor assure instructor permission to enroll in any class.

Open University is NOT available to:

International students on F-1 or J-1 visas can find more information at International Programs.

Up to 24 units of credit taken through Open University may be applied to a CI bachelor’s degree. At the option of the program director/coordinator, up to 9 units of Open University credit may be applied to a CI graduate degree. Grades received through this program will be factored into your grade point average (GPA) at CSU Channel Islands.

Open University Registration

Four Easy Registration Steps

  1. Check the CSU Channel Islands Schedule of Classes for the days and times of the courses.
  2. Use the Open University enrollment form (below) to register for courses through this program.
  3. Attend the first class meeting, bring the Open University enrollment form, and get the instructor’s signature on the form. Registration is allowed on a "space available basis.” Instructors are not permitted to sign forms before the first day of class when they can determine space availability. Please do not ask instructors to sign forms before this day. Signed forms will not be accepted by Extended University before the first day of class. Note: Some departments may have additional requirements for certain classes.
  4. Return the original signed and completed form to Extended University no later than the end of the second week of classes.

Open University Flyer and Enrollment Form (PDF, 103 KB)

Instructions on checking Course Space Availability (MS Word, 236.5 KB)


Open University Registration Deadlines:

Regular Registration period, adds and drops permitted 1st two weeks of session
Late Registration, late adds and drops permitted. ($20 late fee applies to late adds and a 65% refund is available for late drops) 3rd week

Adds and drops are not permitted after the 3rd week unless there are serious and compelling reasons for the late actions, the student is able to support these reasons and the instructor provides signature authorization. Late fees apply to late adds and no refunds are available for late drops.


The fees per unit are the following:

Lecture unit: $270*

Lab fees: as assigned

Full payment is required at the time of registration

*Extended University makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. Fees listed in published schedules may be increased periodically.


Donna Inglis
Administrative Support Assistant
Phone: (805) 437-3269

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