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OLLI Past, Present and Future

OLLI Strategic Plan

OLLI Strategic Plan revised for 16-17 (PDF, 197.3 KB)

OLLI History

The Stakeholder Manual below has interesting information about the evolution of our OLLI program at CSU Channel Islands. This document has not been altered or updated so please do not use any of the outdated contact information included.

Stakeholders Manual (PDF, 137.4 KB)

OLLI Bylaws

Bylaws revised Summer 2016 (PDF, 426KB)

OLLI Executive Board Minutes


Executive Board Minutes January 2017 (PDF, 112KB)


Executive Board Minutes December 2016 (PDF, 111KB)
Executive Board Minutes November 2016 (PDF, 112KB)
Executive Board Minutes October 2016 (PDF, 100KB)
Steering Committee Minutes September 2016 (PDF, 86KB)
Steering Committee Minutes August 2016 (PDF, 93KB)
Steering Committee Minutes May 2016 (PDF, 189KB)
Steering Committee Minutes April 2016 (PDF, 58KB)
Steering Committee Minutes March 2016 ( PDF , 112 KB)
Steering Committee Minutes February 2016 (PDF, 183 KB)
Steering Committee Minutes January 14 2016 (PDF, 281 KB)
Steering Committee Minutes January 6 2016 (PDF, 115 KB)


OLLI Newsletters

OLLI Newsletter Fall 2015 8.25.15 (PDF 5.8 MB)
OLLI Newsletter Spring 5.1.15 (PDF 6.9 MB) 
OLLI Newsletter Winter 2015 3.6.15 (PDF 2.0 MB)


OLLI Surveys

Member Survey Results 4.1.15 ( PDF , 167.4 KB)

OLLI Member Activities

OLLI Fest Flyer ( PDF , 468.4 KB)





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