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Teach your passion with OLLI at CI

Thank you for your interest in teaching at OLLI at California State University Channel Islands.

Propose a Course (*NEW Online RFP)

All proposals should be submitted online. Deadlines and session times are listed on the proposal. 

Who are OLLI instructors? 

Instructors have special knowledge, background, and skill in the topics they teach. They are carefully screened, and their course proposals are closely examined by the OLLI Program Director and the members of the OLLI Curriculum Committee. Nearly all have the terminal degrees in their areas of expertise and have taught at colleges and universities, and for senior classes as well. Many instructors are current or former faculty members at CSU Channel Islands.

How are OLLI courses chosen?

Courses are selected in collaboration between the OLLI Curriculum Committe and the OLLI program staff. Each session, members evaluate their courses and instructors, and evaluations are used to determine future course offerings. 

How much are instructors compensated for each class?

An instructor teaching a 4-week course is paid $800, and an instructor teaching an 8-week course is paid $1,600. For TASTE of OLLI, an instruction is paid $200 per course. 

How are OLLI courses different than typical undergraduate or graduate courses?

The OLLI program embraces the idea of learning for the love of learning. Our membership is composed of adults (50 or older) who are taking clases out of sheer intellectual curiousity. There are no tests, no grades, no homework, and no prior degree requirements required. Members bring a wealth of experience and knowlege to the classroom.

 Other Information for Prospective Instructors

OLLI Faculty Handbook  (PDF, 119.8 KB

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