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 Current Student


Your schedule of classes (Roadmaps), Change of Major/Objective, Leave of absence, Graduation

 Class Enrollment

 Classroom Reservations:

Thousand Oaks Campus, CI Lab Access

 Disability Resource Programs


Payment, Promissory notes, Receipt requests, CashNet, Account holds

 Financial Aid & Scholarships:

Financial Aid and Scholarships

 Internship & Job Opportunities:

Internships for the stem cell and laboratory management emphasis, MS Biotechnology On-Campus Job Opportunities


TransportationHealth insurance, Immigration Status, Traveling on an F-1 VisaCurricular Optional Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT)Social Security ApplicationReduced course load

 IT Support:

myCI, CI Learn, online classroom connectivity

 Veterans Affairs

 General information by location:

Camarillo - Thousand Oaks - SBCC - Goleta


 Prospective Student

 Certificate Programs:

Business AdministrationSHRM Certification, Chemistry, Digital Media Art, Social Business, Technical Writing

 Current Applicant:

Application status, Receipt of application items

 Disability Resource Programs

 Financial Aid & Scholarships:

Financial Aid and Scholarships,  MS Biotechnology Industry Sponsored Scholarships

 Internship & Job Opportunities:

Internships for the stem cell and laboratory management emphasis, MS Biotechnology On-Campus Job Opportunities

 International Students:

Admissions, Immigration Status, TOEFL, GRE ScoresFinancial Affidavits, International Transcript Evaluation, advisement for visa regulations, application processing and admissibility, full time status requirements, other University and program information

 Graduate Degree Programs:

Ventura County, Santa Barbara CountySchool of Education 

 Undergraduate Degree Programs:

Santa Barbara CountyNursing

 Veterans Affairs

 General information by location:

Camarillo - Thousand Oaks - SBCC - Goleta



 Advertising and Media:

Ventura County, Santa Barbara County

 Billing, Invoices and Payments

 Customized Workplace Training

 Facilities Rental

 Partner with CI


Community Member

 Certificate Programs:

Business AdministrationSHRM Certification, Chemistry, Digital Media Art, Social Business, Technical Writing

 Dale Carnegie® Training Workshops


CSU Channel Islands, ScholarshipsOLLI


 Facilities Rental

 Open University

 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Course ProposalsEnrollment, Payment and General Information




 Change of class date/time

 Faculty Contracts:

Extended University and OLLI

 IT Training and Support:

myCI, CI Learn, online classroom connectivity

 Lab Support

 Teaching in Extended University


Staff Directory


  Neomi Basquez

Neomi Basquez
Student Finance Specialist
(805) 437-2736

Contact Neomi for:
Billing, Invoices, Payments, Payment of classes, Promissory notes, Enrollment receipt requests, CashNet, Account holds

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Emma Battles

Emma Battles
Admissions & Records Specialist

Domestic Applicants contact Emma for:
Application Status, GMAT/GRE, Transcripts

 For International Applicants, please contact: Edith Ramos 

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Gary A. Berg, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Extended University/International Programs
(805) 437-8580

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Cal State Online Logo

CALSTATE Online Coaches
Contact the coaches for BS BUS Online program new student inquiries and application assistance

Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell
Career Advisor

T (805) 230-1090

Contact Christine for:
Career advising

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  Hendra Chendana

Hendra Chendana

Administrative Support Assistant
T (805) 696-7965

Contact Hendra for:

Information pertaining to the BSN Nursing with Cottage Health System (Track I - Pre-Licensure) Program at the Goleta satellite campus.

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Andrew Conley

Andrew Conley
Graduate Programs Recruiter
(805) 497-3921

Prospective Students, contact Andrew for:
Thousand Oaks and main campus degree programs: MBA, MS Biotechnology, MS/MBA Dual Degree. MS Computer Science, MS Mathematics

Certificate Programs: Business Administration, Chemistry, Technical Writing, Digital Media Arts, Guitar, Spanish Translation, and Social Business

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Rosario Cuevas
Operations Support Analyst
(805) 437-8570

Contact Rosario for:
Faculty Contracts (Extended University), course scheduling

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Janet Egiziano, Ed.D.
Director, Thousand Oaks Campus
Santa Barbara Programs
Marketing and Recruitment
Associate Director, MBA Program
T (805) 497-3791

Contact Janet for:
Customized Workplace Training, Facilities Rental, Partnering with CI, Donations for student scholarships or to CSU Channel Islands, Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara campus issues

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Nick Fuentes
Operations Director
T (805) 437-2698

Contact Nick for:
Ext Univ Student/faculty services issues.  Ext Univ facilities (Main Campus/Goleta/TO) questions.  Ext Univ SRT questions.  Petition for exception decisions.  OLLI questions and comments.  OLLI course proposals.

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Courtney Gross
OLLI Program Analyst
T (805) 437-1694

Contact Courtney for:
OLLI questions, course proposals, program ideas and suggestions, course logistics, OLLI faculty questions.

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Donna Inglis
Administrative Support Assistant
(805) 437-3269

Contact Donna for:
Class Enrollment, OLLI Payments & Enrollment, Certificate Payments, SHRM Payments & Enrollment, Open University, General Information

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Brianne Keighley
Records & Advising Specialist

Current students contact Brianne for:
Advising, Your schedule of classes (Roadmap), Change of Major/Objective, Academic Leave, Graduation


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Mayumi Kowta
Associate Director
Center for International Affairs
(805) 437-3107

International Students Contact Mayumi for:
Application information, advisement for visa regulations, application processing and admissibility, full time status requirements, University and other program information

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Judi Le
CIRM Grant / Extended University Budget Analyst
(805) 437-3203

Contact Judi for:
CIRM grant and Extended University Budget

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Melissa McCoy
Instructional Support Technician III
MS Biotechnology Program
T (805) 437-3533

Current Biotechnology students contact Melissa for:
On-Campus Job Opportunities, Opportunities to conduct research with faculty, MS Biotechnology lab courses, lab access outside of normal class hours

Biotechnology Faculty contact Melissa for:
How to purchase equipment or materials for your class, on-campus lab equipment and lab facilities, issues with lab equipment or lab facilities, conducting research on campus, request new equipment or materials for your classBack to Top

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    Michele Morris

Michele Morris
Administrative Analyst
(805) 437-3263

Contact Michele for:
Extended University Accounting, and Procurement services.


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Bill Ochs
User Services Technician
T (805) 437-3624

Contact Bill for:
myCI, CI Learn, online classroom connectivity

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Edith Ramos
International Programs Coordinator
International Programs
(805) 437-3107

Contact Edith for:
International admissions, Immigration status, Student health insurance, Traveling while on an F-1 visa, Curricular Optional Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), Social Security Application, Reduced course load, TOEFL scores, GRE scores, International transcript evaluation

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Clara Valdovinos-Magana

Clara Valdovinos-Magana

Evening and Weekend Coordinator
T (805) 777-1615

Contact Clara for:

Evening faculty and student support, classroom scheduling, A/V scheduling and support

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Melissa Whitacre
Programs Coordinator/Marketing Specialist
T (805) 312-6367

Prospective Students, contact Melissa for:
Santa Barbara degree programs (MBA, BS Business, BA Psychology, BS Business-to-MBA)

Businesses, contact Melissa for:
Santa Barbara advertising

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   Jeff Ziskin

Jeff Ziskin
Administrative Office Coordinator
T (805) 777-1042

Contact Jeff for:
SHRM certification courses, Dale Carnegie Training Workshops, Thousand Oaks Campus information, room requests.

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Student Services


CSU Channel Islands
One University Drive
Camarillo, CA
T (805) 437-2748
F (805) 437-8859

Thousand Oaks Campus
501 Marin St
Suite 200
Thousand Oaks, CA
T (805) 777-1615
F (805) 777-1656

721 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA
T (805) 312-6367
eFax (502) 427-1262

Goleta Campus

5383 Hollister Ave
Suite 220
Goleta, CA
T (805) 696-7965
F (805) 964-8784