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MS Biotechnology

MS Biotechnology


The MS Biotechnology program provides students with broad training in the scientific principles and knowledge that underlay advances in biotechnology. Key components include:

Training in laboratory techniques used in research and development

Understanding of legal and intellectual property issues

Development of skills and attributes important in business and biotechnology entrepreneurship

Multi-disciplinary learning approach that encourages collaboration and effective idea expression

General Objectives for the MS Biotechnology degree

The program is designed to develop analytical, business, and managerial skills as well as sophisticated expertise in biotechnology and computational sciences for a diverse set of vocations. Qualified graduates may engage in scientific research, development, and management in biotechnology; or develop a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Graduates may also enter teaching or consulting in public and/or private organizations.

Learning Objectives for the MS Biotechnology degree 

Students who successfully complete the MS Biotechnology degree will be able to:

Work in cross-disciplinary teams to address questions of relevance to the biotechnology industry through the design and implementation of databases that integrate computational biology and empirical analyses.

Explain techniques used to make biological inferences from protein and nucleic acid sequences.

Identify biologically relevant problems in biotechnology, biomedical, and agricultural research.

Outline the state and Federal regulatory processes that govern the biotechnology industry.

Explain fundamental principles that underlie modern techniques in biotechnology.

Demonstrate proficiency in performing fundamental molecular biology techniques.

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"...with companies like Baxter and Amgen, Southern California was a hub for biology. CI’s MS in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics made it a perfect choice..."

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