Explore different careers and pathways to those careers through online research, internships, mentorships, on-campus employment, networking and more.

Career Exploration Websites

Through the sites listed here, you can search, browse or query through over 900 different careers. Read career profiles, job descriptions, educational requirements, and career outlook information. Find out what kind of salary to expect, watch short videos, and even learn about the types of people that typically go into each career.

What Can I do with My Major?
Quintessential Careers

Dolphin CareerLink: On-Campus and Off-Campus Jobs

Working on campus in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks or Goleta can give you great experience performing in a professional environment. This may mean that you get to build general office skills and prove that you can manage your time and be responsible. In addition, there are many opportunities that may help you gain specialized experience in your field and build key relationships with professional staff and administrators. For international F1-Visa students, working on campus is your only available option for paid employment.

Off-campus jobs are also listed on Dolphin CareerLink.

Dolphin CareerLink is located on your myCI student portal. Login to myCI to search for positions.

How to Apply

Review Dolphin CareerLink: Student Guidelines (PDF, 301KB)
Login to myCI and click the Dolphin CareerLink tab located on the right under My Links.
Review the Step-by-Step Instructions (PDF, 214KB) & Dolphin CareerLink FAQ (PDF, 368 KB)
Complete and upload the following documents:
Student Employment Application (PDF, 146KB)
Create and/or update your resume
Class Schedule


Internships allow you to test drive career options, develop important skills and establish relationships with people who may ultimately help you get hired after graduation. Internships may be paid or unpaid and are self-sought and self-secured by the individual.

Extended University Career Services provides workshops, counseling and resources for you to learn about internships and opportunities such as the University’s annual Careers and Internships Fair, held each spring, for you to interact with recruiters. We recommend that you avail yourself of all strategies to optimize your efforts. Top 10 Reasons to Intern (PDF, 186 KB)


Networking is the act of meeting people with whom you can develop mutually beneficial relationships and exchange information, advice, contacts or support. Networking in the early stages of your career can help you build contacts, find out about open positions, enhance your understanding of industries, and gain important insight into what it takes to succeed in your field. To learn more, check out: Ways To Network (PDF, 282 KB)

Career Mentorship

A career mentor can assist you in your career development journey by providing valuable career recommendations specific to your field of interest. To discuss ways to find a local mentor, make an appointment with Extended University’s career counselor. MBA and BS Business Santa Barbara and BS Business Online may be able to locate a mentor through the Martin V. Smith (MVS) School of Business & Economics Business Advisory Council. Contact Dr. William Cordeiro, MVS Dean, for information and assistance.

Informational Interviews

An informational interview is one of the best ways to identify what organizations are really looking for in competitive applicants. By interviewing someone in your field of interest you will find out tips and strategies on how to enter the field. You will also learn about the challenges associated with the position and get recommendations on how to become a competitive applicant.