When he was furloughed from his retail job during the pandemic, CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) Class of 2018 Biology alumnus Tomas Martinez thought he’d have to abandon his efforts to earn a Master of Science (MS) in Biotechology & Bioinformatics from CSUCI’s Extended University (EU).

“Fall of 2020 was my first semester and since I was not getting paid, I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to afford my first semester,” Martinez said. “When my retail store finally started to let people come back to work, my hours were reduced greatly.”

Extended University’s CI Spirit Scholarship made all the difference, he said.

“Luckily, this scholarship helped me complete the cost of my tuition. Now I’m in my second semester and ready to take on my third semester. The scholarship was a huge life-saver for me.”

All students admitted to one of EU’s graduate programs for Fall of 2021 are invited to apply now for the CI Spirit Scholarship. The scholarship, which offers a 25 percent discount on tuition for the student’s first two graduate courses, is open for applications until June 1st.

Martinez plans to use his degree to conduct what he hopes is groundbreaking research, hopefully for a pharmaceutical company. The reasons for pursuing a graduate degree vary with each student, but statistics suggest that, overall, their decision to earn an advanced degree will serve them well salary-wise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a master's degree earn approximately 20% more annually than those whose with a bachelor’s degree alone.

Class of 2016 Business graduate Jennifer Hobert was accepted to EU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program two weeks before the pandemic hit and everything shut down.

“I wasn’t put on furlough or anything, but the fear of the future was still there and the CI Spirit scholarship solidified my decision to pursue my graduate career now versus putting it on hold during the pandemic,” Hobert said.

Class of 2014 Nursing alumnus Mary Gerlach, who now works at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard, chose EU to pursue her graduate degree because she knew CSUCI employs working professional nurses as educators.

“This proved to be rewarding, as I was offered a position shortly after graduation,” Gerlach said. “I chose CSUCI because they continue to offer the same success strategies of employing professionals in their field of practice as educators. The Spirit Scholarship is an added bonus when a nurse is faced with a choice based on finances.  For me, while there were alternatives, CSU Channel Islands was always my top choice.”

Extended University offers the following graduate degree programs, and all qualify for the CI Spirit Scholarship:

MS Biotechnology
MS Biotechnology/MBA Dual Degree
MS Computer Science
MS Mathematics
MS Nursing

For MS Nursing please call 805-437-2651.
For all other Graduate degree programs please call 805-437-2748. 
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If you are ready to apply click on this link now.

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