CI’s Master of Business Administration program is designed to develop business leaders with the capacity to work effectively in an increasingly multicultural and global environment. Key elements include small classes, evening courses, online prerequisites/ foundations, focus on international business and entrepreneurial innovation, short-term study abroad option, and real-world orientation.

At a Glance

  • Area of study: Master in Business Administration
  • Ideal for: Working adults who want to advance their careers and need flexibility and convenience
  • Location: Camarillo Campus
  • Program format: In-person, weekday evenings
  • Number of courses: 10-16
  • Program length: 2 years
  • Fees: $600 per unit (Subject to change at any time. Textbooks not included.)
  • Financial Assistance: Federal Loans and other options

I can personally attest to the value and quality of the business education provided through CI’s MBA Program. The change in my thinking process through taking business classes began to pay off with dividends almost immediately. I am now able to view my professional and personal life as a business and saw an immediate increase in income, organization and the ability to manage my taxes, finances and investments. My education at CI has allowed me the opportunity to advance professionally and increase my income.

Dan Shapiro, Alumnus – MBA
MVS School of Business & Economics         ACBSP       

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