CI offers affordable certificate programs to the community. 

  • Fees per unit: $270* (33 units) + lab fees
  • Fee per unit: BIOL 472 (4 units) & BIOL 474 (3 units): $375* per unit + lab fees
  • Pest Control Adviser Certificate (40 units) x cost per unit: $13,050 ($11,535? BIOL 474 - students may Repeat 4 times up to 12 units. ) plus lab fees as assigned

Certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid. 

Payment plans available.

*Resident and Non-Resident students pay the same per unit fee. Laboratory fees are assigned to specific classes.

Subject to change at any time. Textbooks and lab fees not included.

Veterans Affairs Program assists prospective and enrolled student veterans and dependents.

Currently admitted CI students pay course fees as part of their cost of attendance, with the exception of Integrated Pest Management (BIOL 472) and Advanced Topics in Production Systems (BIOL 474), which will be offered through Extended University’s Special Sessions.

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