What are the benefits of creating a myCI account?

Online enrollment and credit/debit card payment will all be done through myCI. Your myCI is the single point-of-access for major campus applications, including CI Learn (allowing you access to course material), CI Records (allowing you to enroll online, verify course schedules, update personal info, etc.), campus email, and Dolphin Files (allow you to create, share, and store documents).

How do you log in to myCI?

You can log on to your myCI account by visiting https://myci.csuci.edu/. If you are having trouble logging on or if you have never accessed your account before, please see below.


I've never logged on to myCI.

You will need to create an account.

  1. Visit https://myci.csuci.edu/
  2. Click "Activate your account."
  3. Type in your Dolphin name (first.last###). You can find your Dolphin name by searching the CI directory.
  4. Type in your Dolphin ID, If you do not know your ID, call 805-437-2748.
  5. Enter and verify your password being careful to follow the password rules listed on the right of the screen.
  6. Click "Activate my Dolphin Password."
  7. Use your Dolphin name and password to sign in to myCI.

Click Activating myCI to watch the video on how to activate your myCI account.

I haven't logged into myCI in a while (200 days or more) OR I don't remember my password.

You will need to reset your password.

  1. Visit https://myci.csuci.edu/
  2. Click "Reset password."
  3. Verify your information. If you did not provide us with a social security number upon initial enrollment, enter "XXXX" into the social security box.

Click Resetting Your Password to watch the video on how to reset your password.

I can’t remember my Dolphin name.

If you do not know your Dolphin name, search your first and last name in the CI directory. Your Dolphin name is the first part of your myCI email address (first.last###).

I do not know my Dolphin ID.

If you do not know your Dolphin ID, call 805-437-2748. Please note, you must answer identification verification questions to receive this information.

I’ve read the directions and/or watched the videos, and I’m still having problems logging on.

Call the University’s IT help center at 805-437-8552.

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