Pricing and Fees

  • TASTE of OLLI course = $15/class. Annual membership does not cover the cost of TASTE classes.
  • 4-week course = $40/class with $200 cap
  • 8-week course = $80/class with $200 cap
  • Unlimited courses in a regular session (Fall, Winter, Spring) = $200/session
  • Annual membership (unlimited courses for the year, not including Taste of OLLI) = $500/year. Please call 805-437-2748 to inform Donna that you would like an annual membership so the appropriate fees post to your account.*

*An annual membership can only be purchased at the beginning of the Fall session. An annual membership does not include Taste of OLLI courses. Additionally, members opting for an annual membership must still go through the process of enrolling to sure their spot in desired classes.

Payment Schedule

Fees are posted to your account upon enrollment. Please see below for a timeline of when course fees will show up on a student account.

Method of EnrollmentFees Available to View Online
OnlineCourse fees will populate within 1 business day after you enroll.
PhoneCourse fees will populate within 2 business days after we receive your call.
MailCourse fees will populate within 2 business days after we receive your enrollment form.
In-personCourse fees will populate within 2 business days after you drop off your enrollment form.

Payment Deadline

The deadline for submitting payment will be the Friday before the first week of class for that session. Any member who has not paid by the deadline will have a financial hold placed on their account preventing future enrollment in any OLLI or CSUCI courses/programs.

Methods of Payment

  • Online Credit/Debit Card (PDF, 511KB). Pay through myCI. A merchant fee of 2.75% will be charged to the member. For more detailed instructions on how to pay, see below.
  • Online E-Checks (PDF, 511KB). Pay with an e-check through myCI. No convenience fee is charged with paying with an e-check. When typing account numbers, double-check for accuracy to avoid a $25 fee for rejected payment. Funds must be readily available at the time of payment.
  • In-Person Check, Cash, or Money Order. Pay with cash, check, or money order at the Student Business Services cashier's window on the first floor of Sage Hall during regular business hours. Please make sure to bring a valid photo ID. Visit Student Business Services website at for more information.
  • Drop Box Check or Money Order. Drop off a check or money order in the 24-hour Student Business Services drop box located outside of Sage Hall to the left of the main sliding door entrance facing the parking lot. Payments will be processed within 48 hours, Please include your 9-digit CI ID number or your check or money order.

Important Updates Regarding Credit/Debit Card Payment

  • All credit/debit card transactions must be made online through a member's myCI account. The main office will no longer be able to accept credit/debit card information on the phone or through the paper enrollment form.
  • All members wishing to pay with a credit/debit card will incur a 2.75% merchant fee.

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