Taking a look into the future past our times at CI, we must be knowledgeable about the workforce we’re stepping into. Whether we’re chasing commas in our bank accounts or lifelong dreams there’s a job for everyone. For companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Google there is growing demand for jobs in cloud computing services. Cloud computing is desirable for business because it provides companies with access to their data center from any computer. Adding on to its appeal, cloud computing is affordable which captures the attention of small businesses and large corporations. 

Dr. Soltys is spearheading a cloud computing course this winter in collaboration with Amazon through a program called the AWS Academy. The AWS Academy aims to bridge the gap between industries job and higher education. In order to meet the needs of customers companies are relying on the cloud to work flawlessly and effectively for business to run accordingly. Cloud computing concepts such as storage, database,networking and architecture are all part of AWS curriculum. The AWS academy is providing students with cloud computing content development in addition to hands on practice. When we think of a cloud we no longer look up at the sky and find a fluffy white substance to point out. Actually, if you were to walk onto campus and bump into Dr. Michael Soltys, he’d probably ask you whether you’re referring to cloud computing. Dr. Soltys instructs various Computer Science courses in addition to being the chair of the Computer Science department. If that doesn’t sound demanding enough, Dr. Soltys recently went through rigorous training to become AWS certified. AWS refers to Amazon Web Services that provide cloud computing for companies at a pay as you go rate. Channel Islands has partnered with Amazon to be the headquarters for adequate preparation that will pilot students into cloud computing careers.

To learn more about CSU Channel Islands newfound alliance with Amazon and how to register for Cloud computing courses please visit the Extended University Cloud Academy website.

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