Budapest, Hungary
Photo Courtesy of Konrad Kulakowski
Over the course of 20 years, the KES Institution for Knowledge Transfer is host to an international conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems. The KES conference provides professionals with a global platform for an exchange of knowledge. In September 2019, the conference was held in Budapest, Hungary and CSUCI students were provided with an  opportunity to showcase their research. 

Amongst the research presented by scientist and engineers from across the globe, was the work of CSUCI graduate student Chris Kuske.  Kuske, under the guidance of  Professor Konrad Kułakowski, Ph.D., AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, and CSUCI’s Program Chair and Professor of Computer Science Michael Soltys, Ph.D., submitted successfully a research paper on the proximity of consistency in pairwise comparisons. While in support of Kuske’s thesis, Kulakowski was a Kościuszko Scholar bridging the educational gap between Poland and the United States through his work in Computer Science at CSUCI. Kuske’s thesis presents the analysis of making rankings consistent.  Kuske is employed at Teledyne Controls where he creates avionics software for commercial aircrafts. 

Continuing the chain of success stemming from CSUCI was Eric Gentry who was also present at the KES conference. Gentry was a Computer Science graduate student at CSUCI who worked in collaboration with the SoCal High Technology Task Force to submit a research paper on a mobile digital forensics triage device with the support of Soltys. Gentry is currently a software engineer at GBL, and a lecturer in Computer Science at CSUCI and Santa Barbara City College.

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