As a fourth-year student at CSUCI, Daomary Rodriguez is a triple threat – a major in Global Studies and Spanish and a minor in Political Science. Daomary’s parents have always been her biggest supporters, even when she approached them with the radical idea of studying overseas in Madrid, Spain. It was her dad who first infused in her a sense of wonder about the world with his stories about his trips through Mexico. Daomary shared her father’s passion for travel and foreign cultures. When a study abroad opportunity in Madrid came along before her sophomore year, she jumped at it.

Daomary vividly remembers her time abroad. Her fondest memories were taking walks through El Retiro Park, at sunset. She loved sauntering through the park and around the lake with her new-found international friends. Together,they would take in the beauty and share stories about adjusting to life in Spain. They would stop at the Epic Board Game Café and share meals over authentic Spanish paella and tortillas - surprised by how much different they were than the Mexican variety.  The thrilling sounds of flamenco music flowed everywhere. Daomary forged deep relationships overseas, and these friendships served as an emotional lifeline during her most challenging times.

Today, it is no surprise that Daomary’s plans include international business (and hopefully, ample opportunities to travel). In addition, she feels like she has grown tremendously from her time in Spain. Her experiences made her more independent, more willing to take risks, and more capable of finding innovative solutions to global issues. Even though the pandemic has wrought havoc on her normal routine, Daomary’s experiences in Spain equipped her with the confidence necessary to navigate these challenging times.

COVID-19 has introduced new uncertainties into student life, but one thing remains true: international experiences will resume—hopefully, soon. The International Programs Office encourages all students who are interested in pursuing study abroad in Fall 2021 and Academic Year 2021-22 to apply by the February 15, 2021 priority deadline. 

It’s never too early to begin the detailed planning process that leads to an exciting and rewarding study abroad experience.  As Daomary says, “If I had a chance to study abroad again, I would totally do it.”

For more information about study abroad, please visit the International Programs website at

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