Sociology major Rachel Allred of Temple City was a bit behind when she enrolled in CSUCI as a transfer student.

 She wants to graduate on time in Spring of 2022, but didn’t know how to fit in a class that would help get her over the finish line.

 CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI)’s Extended University (EU) Winter Session was the answer. The session offered a wide variety of classes, including one she needed to graduate. It was just four weeks long, and entirely online—a bonus during a pandemic.

“Winter session made it so I was able to get the last few units I’d need in order to graduate,” Allred said. “It was accelerated, but the professors were super-helpful and it was an all-around great experience.”

Enrollment for Extended University’s 2021/2022 Winter Session opens October 25, with classes running from December 18, 2021 to January 14, 2022. Winter Session classes will give students academic credit toward graduation and will transfer to other institutions.

“Winter Session is designed to support CSUCI students in all degree programs,” said Interim Director of Extended University Enrollment Management Outreach, & Student Affairs

Daniel Banyai. “The four-week model enables students to complete electives, pre-requisites or general education.”

CSUCI alumnus Asucena Almaraz of Santa Paula graduated with a degree in Sociology in Spring of 2021, thanks to the units she was able to pick up by taking an elective during Winter Session. She was working and going to school, so there was a lot to pack into her last semester.

“I didn’t want to take a lot of classes and overwork myself,” Almaraz said. “Doing this helped me not become stressful or anxious when my graduation date came closer. It is a faster pace, but not as stressful as many people think it is. It depends on each student and how well they manage their time.”

Computer Science major Travis Chamness became acquainted with Winter Session in his first year when he was struggling as a D student and trying to make up for poor grades. Not only was he able to catch up, but he learned he assimilated information quickly and actually benefited from an accelerated schedule. He graduated in 2019.

His most recent Winter Session class was in cloud computing, which he took while working as a tutor for other Science Technology Engineering Math students.

Chamness discovered another perk to Winter Session: new friends.

“The people who take the Winter and Summer Sessions are the students who work the hardest during the regular semester,” Chamness said. “With that type of environment, it creates synergy, teamwork and great relationships. It’s my favorite and best school experience.”

For more information on how to enroll in Winter session courses visit Extended. University’s Winter Session web page at:

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