Five Easy Registration Steps

  1. Fill out the 'Request More Information' form. 
    (skip to step 2, if you have filled this out)
  2. Complete the 'Intent to Enroll' online form   
    • Spring Intent Available from November-January
    • Fall Intent Available from June- August
  3. Check the CSUCI Schedule of Classes for the days and times of courses.
  4. Enroll in CI Records. You may add classes in CI Records without permission during the first week of the term, provided you have met all course prerequisites. The first day to register is the first Monday after the term starts. Waitlists will continue to run during this time. Instructor consent is required to enroll during the second and third weeks of the semester. You will use an instructor issued permission number to enroll in CI Records.  Distribution of permission numbers is at the discretion of each instructor.
  5. Pay fees which are due within 48 hours of registration.

Admission to the University is not required for certificate programs.

The admissions process outlined below is only for non-CI students. Current CI students, please contact your advisor regarding certificates.



Intent to Enroll requests will be accepted 3 weeks before the start of the term and until the second Friday of the term.  All course enrollments are made via the myCI portal and must be completed by the 3rd Friday of the term (permission number from instructor required after week 1 of classes).


Classroom space is limited and in high demand.

  • Week 1-3 of the semester: Refunds for drops are prorated from the start of the session at 1% a day. You may drop courses via your MyCI.
  • After week 3: If you wish to drop a course after the 3rd week of the semester, you must petition with Extended University. There are no refunds after the 3rd week of the semester.


Disenrollment for non-payment of fees is run once a week.  Students must pay all fees in full within 48 hours or risk being dropped from courses.

Late Add/Drop

A Petition for Exception form is required for any adds or drops after the 3rd week of the term.

Student ID Cards

Certificate students can receive a Student ID card.  The fee is $15.00 and will automatically be charged to your account. Student ID cards can be picked up at the Student Business Service office on the first floor of Sage Hall.

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