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The mission of the Health Science Program at CSUCI is to prepare future health professionals who are competent, compassionate, creative and critical thinkers, and whose work addresses health disparities in the community. Our vision is a just and equitable world of physically, mentally, and socially healthy people living in healthy communities.

Our interdisciplinary degree program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in private and public health services. The program combines the knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines to provide rigorous training in health science. The curriculum includes a set of core courses and several elective courses that each student chooses in consultation with an advisor.


  • Schedule flexibility  online completion enables goal achievement from anywhere 

  • Skills in organizational, personal health settings, and in health education practice.

  • World class faculty with a wide range of background, and all experienced Health Science Educators.

Program Highlights                                                                            

Students will:

  • Learn the foundational science underlying health and healthcare.
  • Develop professional skills in collaborative and interdisciplinary teamwork, reflecting an ability to work effectively with diverse healthcare professionals and community stakeholders.
  • Acquire and refine critical thinking skills in health science, incorporating diverse cultural, social, and ethical perspectives in their analysis and problem-solving
  • Become proficient in the identification and evaluation of relevant scientific sources and translating theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • Develop professional and effective communication skills, tailored to diverse audiences, including the ability to educate and empower communities about health issues


Practical, Quality Education: Receive education in up-to-the-minute theory and real world applications. Faculty members are active in health science research and education.  

Student Convenience: Courses are offered online in 8-week course sessions during the Spring/Fall and 12-week session in Summer within a structured program that ensures consistency and maximizes success.

Career Focused: Acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to further your career in health science.

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