Learning more about our programs is the first step in the admission process. We will provide you with all of the information needed to see if you are eligible and help you make a decision to apply.

Step 1: Learn more about our Undergraduate degree programs and your eligibility

Undergraduate degree prerequisites, GPA, and other criteria vary by program. If you already hold an undergraduate degree then Extended University is open to students seeking a second degree*.

List of Programs

Step 2: Domestic Applicants - Apply to CSU Channel Islands

Applying to CSU Channel Islands is through Cal State Apply ($70 application fee).

Apply Now

International Applicants - Visit International Programs page for available programs and admissions.

Extended University BS Business and BA Psychology programs are not open to international applicants.

International Programs page

Step 3:Submit transcripts and test scores

The requirements and steps to apply vary by program.

Step 4: Submit Intent to Enroll Form

If you have been admitted to the program submit intent to enroll form as soon as possible to secure your seat in the program. This form will be included with your acceptance letter. All programs except Nursing are considered on first-come basis due to the small class-sizes. Nursing is an impacted program.

* The second degree applies only to baccalaureate degrees offered through Extended University (not the main campus in Camarillo): BS Business, BA Psychology, and Nursing plus any future degrees that we offer. The fees are the same as the current EU degree program fees. Students apply in the same way. The second BA/BS is major/core courses and UDIGE only; if a student's first BA/BS is from CI then UDIGE would be waived since the requirement is satisfied.

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