CSUCI's ICS/SCADA training program offers an array of technical and valuable training programs to help you stay current on technology and professional development. Our training courses are taught by experienced professor and experts in their fields. Our courses are tailored in scope and content to meet the needs of our attendees.


Training Program Workshops:

Why train your team in the latest in automation?

  • Increased performance 
  • More efficient 
  • More self-sufficient
  • Increased productivity 
  • Better final product
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Gain proficiency in new technologies

What can CSUCI support in our training classes?

  • PLC Configurations
  • PLC History
  • Input/Output configurations
  • Physical Addressing
  • Installation
  • Wiring and connections
  • Communications setup
  • Programming device connections
  • Programming devices

Learn more

For questions please contact Jeff Ziskin

Email: jeff.ziskin@csuci.edu
Phone: (805-437-2653)

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