Projects or Master Thesis Emphasis - 6 units

*Math 597/598 may be taken for a maximum of 9 units. Before registering for the first unit of thesis (or project), full admission to the program must be obtained, at least one core course must be completed with a B- or better, a faculty thesis advisor arranged, and a thesis topic chosen for which the student is prepared to do research. Students are strongly advised to obtain the proper background in a relevant area of graduate-level mathematics before registering for any thesis units. A thesis committee of 2 to 3 faculty members must be formed before registering for the final unit of thesis. A non-faculty scientist or professional with relevant expertise may serve in place of a faculty member on a thesis committee (but not as a thesis advisor), subject to both the Director’s and thesis advisor’s approvals. A signed Thesis Units Request Form is required for registering for thesis units and is available on the Program webpage. Successful completion of the thesis requirement also requires:

  1. an oral thesis defense to the thesis committee
  2. a presentation of the thesis results to the campus community
  3. a signature page with signatures of acceptance from all thesis committee members
  4. electronic submission of the thesis to the University Library for archiving

MS Mathematics Thesis Submission Process (PDF, 113KB)

Thesis/Project Units Request Form (PDF, 35.2KB)

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