Projects or Master Thesis Emphasis - 6 units

*Math 597/598 may be taken for a maximum of 9 units. Before registering for the first unit of thesis (or project), full admission to the program must be obtained, at least one core course must be completed with a B- or better, a faculty thesis advisor arranged, and a thesis topic chosen for which the student is prepared to do research. Students are strongly advised to obtain the proper background in a relevant area of graduate-level mathematics before registering for any thesis units. A thesis committee of 2 to 3 faculty members must be formed before registering for the final unit of thesis. A non-faculty scientist or professional with relevant expertise may serve in place of a faculty member on a thesis committee (but not as a thesis advisor), subject to both the Director’s and thesis advisor’s approvals. A signed Thesis Units Request Form is required for registering for thesis units and is available on the Program webpage. Successful completion of the thesis requirement also requires:

  1. an oral thesis defense to the thesis committee
  2. a presentation of the thesis results to the campus community
  3. a signature page with signatures of acceptance from all thesis committee members
  4. electronic submission of the thesis to the University Library for archiving

Thesis Submission Procedure (PDF, 68.8KB)

Thesis/Project Units Request Form (PDF, 35.2KB)

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