Pest Control Advisers (PCAs) are licensed professional consultants who serve California agriculture and horticulture producers. Specializing in pest management, they are an important resource to producers with regards to overall plant and crop health.

The PCA certificate offered by CI provides the educational requirements determined by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Successful completion of the certificate qualifies students to take the PCA licensing exam mandated and administered by the California DPR.

At a Glance

  • Area of study: Physical, Biological and Natural Sciences
  • Ideal for: Agriculture professionals or current BA/BS Biology students.
  • Location: Camarillo Campus and off-site locations
  • Program format: Classroom and internship
  • Number of courses: 10-12
  • Program length: Varies
  • Fees: $270
  • Financial Assistance: Certificates do not qualify for Financial Aid. Matriculated students may use Financial aid.
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