Extended University & Digital Learning

Expanding the boundaries of higher education

Extended University & Digital Learning provides post-traditional learners, international students, and our larger community with flexible educational experiences for career advancement, societal impact, and lifelong learning.


    • Serving post-traditional learners
    • Providing global educational experiences
    • Online Learning
    • Preparing the next generation workforce
    • Lifelong learning

    • CI Flex Graduate programs
    • Online @CI
    • Professional and Workforce Development programs
    • Summer and Winter Sessions
    • OSHER Lifelong Learning
    • Open University
    • Study Abroad


Priority 1: Establish a foundation for operational success

Priority 2: Extend and expand CI’s Academic Programs

Priority 3: Deliver a continuum of educational programs addressing the needs of our community and workforce.

Priority 4: Position students for success

Priority 5: Situate staff and faculty for success within EUDL

Download Strategic Plan (PDF, 908KB)

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