How does Extended University calculate faculty pay?

  • For Fall, Winter Intersession, Spring and Summer special sessions, Extended University will pay according to the CSU Salary Schedule for Special Programs, Class Code 2322 (PDF, 179KB) (class enrollment determines the per unit rate x class units= total pay).

How is the Additional Employment 25% determined?

How is Regular Summer Session I & II pay determined? (not Special Sessions)

  • For Summer Session (self-support), faculty pay is calculated according to Classification Code 2357 (Instructional Faculty, Summer Session – Extension) using the following formula:

For example, if your full time salary is $50,000 / academic year:

$50,000 / 30 (WTUs) = $1,667 × 3 (WTUs) = $5,001.00 pay for the course.

breakdown of pay based on class enrollment
20+ students 100%
19 students 95%
18 students 90%
17 students 85%
16 students 80%
15 students 75%
14 students 70%
13 students 65%

Where can I obtain copies of my paystubs?

Access your Paystubs and W2 forms online using Cal Employee Connect

Register with Cal Employee Connect to access/view/print your pay stubs and W-2 Forms

  1. Have a recent paper pay stub in hand
  2. It has information you will need to register
  3. You must be a stateside employee
  4. Go to Cal Employee Connect
  5. Select Register

CSUCI Payroll Services

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