1. Post your Job at CSUCI Jobs

  1. Complete the Airtable EU Jobs in CHRS Recruiting form with all the information required to build your job posting.
  2. You will receive an automated notification to approve the job posting in CHRS Recruiting once the job is created and ready for your approval.
  3. Your final job link will be emailed once it’s posted and open for applicants.
  4. Jobs can be found at CSUCI Jobs when it’s posted.

2. Review Applications

  1. Log into myCI and look for the CHRS Recruiting icon
  2. Review applications in CHRS Recruiting. You can follow instructions in this Video Tutorial (make sure to you are logged into myCI when clicking this link)

3. Hiring New Faculty

  1. Complete the Airtable EU Job Offers form with new hire information (one form per hire).
  2. You will receive an automated notification to approve your job offer in CHRS Recruiting. Please review and make sure the information matches your initial job offer request. This will route the offer approval to the Associate Dean.
  3. Your new hire will receive the offer/contract and can start their onboarding process with HR once the background check clears. Your new hire will be assigned to their course in PeopleSoft and will receive access to our system.
  4. Program Directors may check the status of your hire at any point by logging into CHRS Recruiting. You can also visit your SharePoint Program Sites for status of your current hires.

Please note that this does not apply to current faculty. Rehires who have been gone over a year will need to be rehired and directors must follow the process above.

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