Spring II 2021 (All Via Zoom)

Women Architects and Designers Who Defined 20th :
Lady Laureates: Exploring Their Work:
Artificial Intelligence for Everyone:
Religion and Mythology in the Art of the Ancient World:
Suburban Nation: 1800 to the Present:
The Rise of Modernism: Art in the Wake of the Industrial :
The Great Broadway Songwriting Teams - Part 1:
Language and Culture: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology:
The Comedy Teams of America:
Influence & Impact: The French Population of the 19th Century Los Angeles:

Spring I 2021 (All Via Zoom)

Postcards from America's National Park System:
Morocco and Tunisia:
The Folk Singers, the Bureau, & the Second Red Scare:
Nahuatl Language & Philosophy:
American International Relations: A Brief Political History:
History and Development of the Piano Concerto:
Enduring Magic of Ballet:
Science Fun for Kids and Their Grandparents:
Mission Mysteries of El Camino Real:
American Jewish Experience in 20th Century Seen Through Film:

Summer-Taste of OLLI

-6/14: Cliff Wilcox |Link: Coming Soon
From 1960s Women's Liberation Movement to Jewish Feminism

-6/15: Nitika Parmar|Link: Coming Soon
Sugar: Calories, Addiction and Obesity

-6/16: Christine Maasdam|Link: Coming Soon
Determining Art’s Value ~ Glittering Images or Monetary Assets

-6/17: Asya Pereltsvaig|Link: Coming Soon
Armchair Traveler Visits Saint Petersburg

-6/21: Mansour Jafarian|Link: Coming Soon
Water, International Crisis, and Peace

-6/22: Herb Gooch|Link: Coming Soon
Great Power Struggle: US and China Today

-6/23: Pattie Ridenour|Link: Coming Soon
A Taste of Human Geography:  Population & Migration

-6/24: Ahmed Awad|Link: Coming Soon
Control of gene expression in cancer treatment

-6/28: Sam Mihara|Link: Coming Soon
Mass Imprisonment in the U.S. - WW2 versus Today's Immigrants

-6/29: Daniel Newman-Lessler|Link: Coming Soon
Black Composers: Our Time to Listen

-6/30: Eleanor Schrader|Link: Coming Soon
Masters of Midcentury Modernism

-7/1: Shelley Fryer|Link: Coming Soon
Post WW2 Myths & Realities: The Atom Bomb

-7/5: David Parsons|Link: Coming Soon
World Fairs and Imagination of the Future

-7/6: Steve Kohn|Link: Coming Soon
The Legacy of French Opera

-7/7: Steve Norris|Link: Coming Soon
With whom we share the planet - an exploration of biodiversity

-7/8: Bill Garlington|Link: Coming Soon
Islam: Sacred Space, Sacred Time

-7/12: Barbara Thayer|Link: Coming Soon
The Glass Half Full: Positive Psychology and Aging

-7/13: Stephen Clark|Link: Coming Soon
The Wonders of Mexico City /Las maravillas de la Ciudad de México

-7/14: Lanny Kaufer|Link: Coming Soon
Medicinal Herbs of California

-7/15: Tracylee Clarke|Link: Coming Soon
How the Gov’t makes decisions about the Environment

-7/19: Katherine Zoraster|Link: Coming Soon
Modern Art Invasion: The 1913 Armory Show That Scandalized America

-7/20: Ron Berkowsky|Link: Coming Soon
Silver Surfers: Benefits and Challenges of Internet Use for Seniors

-7/21: Cary Ginell|Link: Coming Soon
Neil Diamond: An 80th Birthday Celebration

-7/22: Richard Senate|Link: Coming Soon
The Jungleland theme park in Thousand Oaks

-7/26: Jeanne Martin|Link: Coming Soon
Notes & Neurons: The Ancient Power of Sound in Our Lives Today

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