When and where are courses taught?

Courses are generally offered for a length of four or eight weeks, each course meeting once a week. Courses are typically offered on Monday through Saturday in the morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon. A majority of courses are offered on the main campus of CSU Channel Islands, although classes are also being taught at eight other locations in and around Ventura County.

How many courses are offered per year?

Each academic year, there are three regular sessions in fall, early spring (called "Spring I"), and late spring (called "Spring II"). Each session, between 20 to 30 different university-level courses are offered through OLLI. There are also two TASTE of OLLI sessions each year in the summer and fall where classes are taught one-time only. 

How do I become a member?

The program is designed for individuals 50 years of age or older. Upon enrolling in at least one OLLI class, an individual is automatically considered an OLLI member. To enroll in your first class, call the OLLI office at 805-437-2748- it's as easy as that!

What are the costs of classes?

*OLLI fee assistance program: A portion of OLLI member donations are used to help members who need financial assistance to participate in courses. Members may apply for our fee assistance program by sending an email to OLLI@csuci.edu explaining your situation and listing a course you would like to take. There is a limited amount of financial assistance available per session.

*New Membership Fee: The Osher Lifelong Learning Foundation requires participants to become members of their local affiliate (OLLI at CSUCI) and requires an annual fee of $15 for membership. If you paid your OLLI membership in Fall , do NOT pay again this session. If you have a hardship in paying fees, please contact OLLI@csuci.edu to discuss the fee assistance program.

What our our members saying?

  • “The OLLI program is an ongoing embarrassment of riches with great teachers, fascinating courses, and the joys of forming lasting new friendships. All of this, and no homework!” -FG and GG

  • “CSU Channel Islands’ OLLI serves food for the brain; from Greek History, James Joyce, Chemistry of Cooking to Psychology of Love and Loss. It is all tasty!” -NK

  • “Retirement often brings the first taste of leisure since childhood. OLLI directs one’s attention to subjects of interest without regard for practical application or career advancement. The result of indulging this curiosity with likeminded others is creative play for the mind.” -JH

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