OLLI is looking for you!  Please consider sharing your precious time with us. Volunteers are needed for several teams and any time you can give will be appreciated, be it long or short. 

Interested in volunteering? Join the OLLI Volunteer Team


Why do people Volunteer? It is to meet new people and develop lasting relationships.  Volunteering increases our happiness, brain function and self-esteem.  OLLI counts on Volunteers for existence as we are the backbone of our organization!  Zoom classes and meetings have allowed us to continue to meet during the pandemic but we will be happy to return to the classroom soon!

Volunteering at OLLI should be a rewarding and fun experience.  We take time to learn about your interests and time commitment prior to you selecting a Team.

Curriculum Team

This is one of our most important Teams as they choose the instructors and classes each semester.  Our very existence hinges on selection of qualified, interesting teachers and classes that draw new and returning students.   Here at CSUCI OLLI program we have been successful in presenting wonderful programs for many years.

Events Team

This Team arranges various events both local and far ranging. Some examples include a walking tour of Ventura, a visit to the Gibbon Conservation Center, a Garden tour and virtual presentations on Angkor and the Angkor War Museum. Small groups have traveled to Japan and plan a trip to Iceland.  Outdoor social activities are planned again soon.

Finance Team

This busy Team monitors the finances of our OLLI program and submits financial reports to the University on a regular basis.  Additionally they are involved in Fundraising events.  A Estate Planning seminar is coming soon.

Membership Team

New membership is critical and getting information about OLLI to the public has kept this team busy.  Sending flyers, posting our OLLI Catalogue and visiting various senior centers is part of the work this team does. They also post articles in local papers.

Communication Team

This busy team produces a monthly Newsletter covering OLLI events, news of National OLLI interest and featuring stories about an instructor or member.

Volunteer Team

We are always looking for Volunteers who play a crucial role in the success of our OLLI program.  When someone expresses interest, the chair reaches out to the prospective member to learn of their interest and talents and guide them to the best Team.  A two year commitment is requested and follow up is important to make sure all is well.

Leadership and Advisory Boards

New and longtime members are invited to join the Leadership and Advisory Boards.  This is an opportunity to use your talents, and contribute to the success if the OLLI program at CSUCI.  These Teams advise in establishing policies, practices and guidelines for the plans and activities of OLLI.

To volunteer with OLLI at CSUCI, please contact us at OLLI@csuci.edu

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