As a student in the Dolphin Pod, you have many resources and services available to support you along your educational journey. Check out your Canvas New Student Orientation course for resources as well. 

Broome Library

Our library has many different resources to help you along your higher education journey from online resources, to online/in-person tutoring, and much more. Through this resource you will be able to see how the library will help you achieve your goals! Visit Broome Library

CI Alert

Emergency Information at CSUCI is a collaborative effort between the University's Police Department and Communication & Public Relations to keep the campus community informed during emergencies. Visit CI Alert

Disability Resources

At CSUCI and CSUCI Extended University we try to make the educational experience accessible to all students. Through this resource you will learn how we strive to provide services and resources that enrich the educational experience through equity, inclusion, advocacy and support. Visit Disability Resources

Financial Aid

Explore the three steps for applying for Financial Aid for Extended University, along with information on the CSUCI Spirit Scholarship and Amazon Career Choice that is available. Visit Financial Aid

Food Service

This leads you to the food assistance resources offered at CSUCI to help you achieve your academic and professional goals with decreasing the impact of food and hygiene insecurities and to alleviate hunger with our student community. It goes into more detail about the Dolphin Pantry, CalFresh, Hot Meals, and additional resources offered to you. Visit Food Service

Student Finance Tutorials

This leads to multiple PDF lists tutorials on how you as a student can pay for classes, enroll in classes, along with other payment needs that might come up. Visit the Student Finance Tutorials

Wellness Promotion and Education

Wellness Promotion & Education (WPE) is building a healthier campus with our student community. Discover what makes you thrive through leadership opportunities, well-being initiatives, and service programs! Visit Wellness Promotion and Education

Writing & Multiliteracy Center

At the Writing & Multiliteracy Center (WMC), undergraduate and graduate students and faculty are provided with a range of free support services and programs that help them address 21st Century challenges of creatively thinking about, reading, and composing in written, oral, visual, and digital forms of communication. Visit the Writing & Multiliteracy Center

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will CSUCI accept courses taken at Community Colleges and other universities?

Go through some transfer credit resources for you to double check and see what classes transfer over from your past transcripts from community colleges and/or other universities. Visit Transfer Credit Resources

How do I order an official transcript? 
Look over the steps to consider when planning to order your official transcripts. This will go over the ordering of the official transcripts, delivery options, unofficial transcripts, official transcript legend, related forms and who to contact. Official Transcript Ordering Information

Where do I get information about graduation/commencement?
Check out all the information you need to know about commencement in this section! Learn about registering for graduation, Grad Fest, ceremony information, and other important commencement information! Learn about Commencement

How do I stay connected after I graduate as an Alumni?
How to stay connected with your fellow dolphins! This page highlights the benefits of joining the alumni & friends memberships. Some benefits include but are not limited to career support, social events, discounts, and so much more! Visit Alumni & Giving

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