OLLI Fall II Catalog

Please view our printable catalog (PDF, 1,494KB) to see the full course descriptions and bios of the instructors, along with additional information about enrollment information.

DateTimeLocationTitleClass #
10/2410am - 12pmZoomCapitalism in China: Rise of a Global Giant (Instructor: Mark  Yourek)1001
10/241pm - 3pmZoomScientific Exploration: Imagination and the Human Spirit (Instructor: Marc Olevin)1002
10/2510am - 12pmSCIART/Zoom Hy-FlexA History of Russia (Instructor: Bill Garlington1003
10/251pm - 3pmZoomImmigrants’ Stories of Jazz, Blues, Rock and Pop (Instructor: Emanuel Abramovits) 1004
10/2610am - 12pmCSUCI/Zoom Hy-FlexAncient Battles That Shape Our Modern World (Instructor: Scott Jones)1005
10/261pm - 3pmZoomAgatha Christie: Mysteries and Misconceptions (Instructor: Matthew Weisman)1006
10/2710am - 12pmZoomMurder, Mayhem, and Monsters: The Golden Age of The Horror Films (Instructor: Nicholas Santa Maria)1007
10/271pm - 3pmZoomAll New Short Stories Performed (Instructor: Beverly Olevin )1008
10/2810am - 12pmSCIART/Zoom Hy-flexPyramids Great and Small (Instructor: Patricia Butz)1009
10/281pm - 3pmZoom

The Abolitionists (Instructor: Jason Hensley)



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